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"Zentris 3000 a 'tris game has everything you want."
indir.biz Editor: Zentris 3000 a 'tris game has everything you want. Tremendous attention to detail in the best of visually stunning game play resulted in ability. It is clean and simple style "" Zen garden has a game between you and your thinking, but simplicity does not get to be confused with the understatement. Or any number of shows on the status of monitoring progress in the Czech or help plan the next move can open. As the game smooth, high-quality animation and game experience completely authentic arcade sound effects to disappear within progresses.

* Full keyboard and mouse control, keyboard or mouse to play with
* One-key keyboard shortcuts for all the game features
* Tip feature points to the part where
* Unlimited game levels
* Multi-piece after piece display
* Smooth, clean graphics
current music player * Support
* Optional part summarizes GHOST
* Count statistics
* High score lists
* Unique "Bonus collapse" of the game to the course
* Small download size
* Free trial version 1.0 can download free Zentris 3000 is available.

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